Week 1

Learn to Identify Lab Equipment

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Pictures from Week 1

Observation and Inference

Observation and Inference Basket ball game

Week 2

Measuring Length


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Scientific Method

Proteus, the Penguin Boat

Measuring Volume

Week 3

Review for Chapter 1

Rags to Riches Game for Chapter 1

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1.The SI units are important because they are the international system of units. It helps scientists share and compare thier observations and results. It also makes conversions easy because it is based on the number 10.
2.To express the height of a desk, I would use meters and to express the volume of the textbook i would use cubic centimeters.
this is because the other units of volume would be too big or too small.
3.The area is two dimensional and the volume is three dimensional. Area is different than volume because area is a measure of how much surface an object has and volume is a measure of how much space an object occupies.

Measuring Mass

Week 4

Study for Test 1

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Metric Conversions

Watch a video about metric conversions.

Make a Concept Map

Use Diagramly to make a concept map!

Week 4

Comparing Masses

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Week 5

Designing a Controlled Experiment

Week 6

Airplane Lab



Week 7

A former student made this properties review.

Flash Cards for Chapter 2
Battle Ship Game for Chapter 2

Week 8


Explore Density and Its Applications
Density Glogster


Clay Lab

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Density Problems!

Week 9

States of Matter

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Hangman Game


Columns Game