Scene Investigation Report

Investigator's name:
Damon Mensch

Initial Observation:
time: 10:30
ripped / eaten pass
lunch pass
could be dangerous material in the water
you were warned note
first letter of name is m
name is Rupert
Liquid Clear

Questions: Who's finger print? , Is the water really water or a different substance? , Why did this person kill Rupert? , Why is the pass ripped?

Flow Chart:

Test Description:
Our first test was the litmus paper test to determine if the substance is an acid, base, or neutral.
Our next test will be the heating lab to find the boiling point of the substance and to eventually determine what substance this clear liquid is. The next experiment would be the chromotography lab in which we find which pen is the writing of the one at the crime scene

Test Results: Litmus paper test showed substance is neutral. Boiling point was 80 - 81 Degrees. 3rd came out well all pens were a blue color accept for Mrs. Craveners pen and the evidence.

Conclusion: We found out that Mrs. Craveners pen was used to write on the pass. But i don't think this does matter if she wrote the pass or not if Mrs. Cravener did it he would have been in her room when he got there with the pass. I think Mrs. Laguna did it because she has access to ethanol and Rupert was in her room. -Trevor Fowler Also with the suspicions Mrs Laguna has been showing the last few days have made it pretty clear that she has done it.

File Photos: