Crime Scene Investigation Report

Investigator Name: Dalton Frederick

Initial Observations: Mrs. Cravener, Mr.Hood pen same color as note that says "you were warned"
liquid in water bottle smells like nail polish remover liquid seems to be methyl acetate use in glue and nail polish removers
Questions: Which one did it? how did they do it?
Was it Mrs Cravener with methyl acetate

Flow Chart:Daltons flow chart.JPG

Test Descriptions: pH test the liquid in water bottle

Test Results: blue lithium paper was the same red turned red

File Photos:
external image epgVyh74sxmX75roCNEK0haIhiAfoiRxKhc_iIJT7Sa8wJwJX20gbT32CglAdOwvWVFvb-px2-lZ2HWCKtHCPdQ-cehTJwQ-fMr9krbwaMCBKiEidASeX02XUw

Conclusion- Mrs. Cravener did it with methyl acetate