Crime Scene Investigation Report

Investigator Name:
Dr. Cortney Kingsbauer

Initial Observations:
Has note next to it saying, "You were warned."
A ripped hall pass saying "Date: 5/7/13, Time: 10:30, See: Lunch"
Has a full water bottle next to it

Why is there a water bottle?
Why was the pass there?
Did he need to go somewhere important?

Flow Chart:

CSI Milford -CK.png

Test Descriptions:
For the Red and Blue Litmus paper lab: We are testing to see if the liquid is an acid or base.
Chromatography Lab: We are testing to see who wrote the note "You were warned."

Test Results:
For the Red and Blue Litmus paper lab: The liquid was neutral because the red litmus paper turned out red and the blue litmus paper turned out blue.
Chromatography Lab: The pen we think who wrote the note was either Hood or Cravener.

File Photos:

Conclusion: I think that Mrs. Cravener was the killer. I think that because her pen was the closest match, and the substance in the water bottle was ethanol mixed with water. It is ethanol mixed with water because when we tested it in the litmus paper test, it came out neutral.