Crime Scene Investigation Report

Investigator Name: Colton Johnson

Initial Observations:
  • Penguin named Rupert is killed with a hawiian necklace on.
  • Lunch pass.
  • Note that says "You have been warned".
  • Water bottle next to Rupert.

  • Who commited the murder?
  • What type of liquid was in the water bottle.
  • Is Rupert the penguins name?

Flow Chart:

Test Descriptions:
1. Testing to liquid in the bottle for acidic or basic. (pH test)
Liquid that was in the water bottle
Red litmus paper- Red
Blue litmus paper- Blue
2. Testing the mass of the liquid.
Graduated cylinder weight 135 grams

3. Paper chromotography
We put a dot of each marker on each sheet of paper.
The markers that we tested are the 2 of Mrs. Laguna's markers, 1 of Mrs. Cravener's markers, 1 of Mr. Hood's markers, and 1 of Mrs. Finlayson's marker. The procedure of this test is to make a mark of separate sheets with each of the markers. Then you put each strip in a beaker with alcohol and then the alcohol soaks the strips of paper and the ink goes up the strips of paper.

Test Results: Test 1: Both litmus papers did not change in color so the liquid is neutral.
Test 2: The pen with Mrs. Craveners writing on it most matches the chromotography of the note that was written during the crime.

File Photos:
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Photo 2013-05-15 08.40.15 AM.jpg