Crime Scene Investigation Report

Investigator Name:
Cole Bernal

Initial Observations:
-Penguin is dead.
-Penguin is holding bottle which contains a clear substance.
-Ripped hall pass is next to penguin, written for lunch at 10:30 on 5/7.
-Penguin has Hawaiian necklace on his person.
-Penguin's name is Rupert.

-Who committed the murder?
-What substance is in the water bottle?
-Who's handwriting is on the hall pass?
-Who's handwriting is on the note?

Flow Chart:

Test Descriptions:

pH Test: A sample of the liquid in the water bottle will be used in order to tell the acidic or basic nature of the liquid in the water bottle. Litmus paper will be used to achieve results.

Paper Chromatography Test: Multiple markers from the various suspects will be tested. They will be put on paper and the ink on the paper will be put in alcohol. The ink will then be compared to the evidence. 2 of Mrs Laguna's and Mrs Craveners with 1 of Mr Hood's and Mrs Finlayson's will be tested.

Mass Test: A triple beam balance will be used to measure the mass of the clear liquid. It will be measured in the graduated cylinder, then the mass of the graduated cylinder will be subtracted from this measurement to find the mass of the liquid alone.

Test Results:

pH Test: When the red litmus paper was dipped into the substance, it remained red. The blue litmus paper also remained the same when dipped into the substance. It can then be concluded that the substance is neutral with a pH of 7.

Paper Chromatography Test: The results of the paper chromatography test revealed that the closest match to the note was Mrs. Cravener.

Mass Test: The mass of 40mL of the substance was determined to be 35.5 grams.

Conclusion: We have concluded that the substance in the deer park water bottle is ethanol. Due to the fact that no other teachers have access to ethanol other than Mrs. Laguna, we have dubbed Mrs. Laguna with the label of killer.

File Photos:
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