Magnetic Nanoparticle Experiment

In this experiment, the nanomagnetic particles in the iron should react with the magnet's magnetic field. In water, the iron fillings should follow the magnet which is outside of the glass tube and will follow the magnet throughout.


-Ferrofluid/magnetic material (iron, nickel, cobalt)

-Empty crimp-top glass tube

-Tenside solution (surfectant, used to keep material from clumping together. Other solutions can be used as well.)

-Magnet (Prefferably bar magnet)




1. Fill the glass tube three-quarters full of water and add 2-5 drops of solution to keep it from clumping together
2. Use the pipette to place a few drops of magnetic material into the water. It should settle at the bottom.
3. Close the tube tightly
4. Bring the magnet close to the magnetic material
5. Observe the effects

Where to get materials: