Investigator Name: BLAW
Initial Observations:

- Penguin named Rupert is laying on his back dead
-He had a water bottle laying next to his mouth
-He has a note under him saying "You have been warned"
-Has a lunch pass for 10:30 on May 9th written with purple pen
-Blue fingerprint on the back of the lunch pass
  1. Mrs. Laguna wrote the lunch pass because it was her hand writing
  2. The liquid in the water bottle is not H2O

  1. What is the liquid in the bottle? Is it an acid or base?
  2. Who wrote the notes?
  3. Who's fingerprint is on the note?

Flow Chart:

Test Discription:

  1. We tested the pH by using red and blue litmus paper
  2. We tested the chromotagraphy of each teacher's pen ink.
  3. Collected all the suspects finger prints on tape and compared each one to the finger print on the lunch pass.

Test Results:
  1. The red litmus paper stayed red and the blue litmus paper stayed blue therefore the substance is neutral
  2. Mrs. Cravener and the note's pen ink matches.
  3. Mr. Pieffer's finger print matches the one on the note.

File Photos:

  1. Chromotagraphy test results
chromotagraphy test blaw.jpg-large

I suspect that Mrs. Laguna killed Rupert. Rupert lived in Mrs. Laguna's room. Therefore she would know if he left so he obviously didn't. Also, Rupert had a lunch note written in Mrs. Laguna's hand writing and pen. Mrs. Cravener's ink matched the ink on the note saying "you have been warned", but I think that Mrs. Laguna stole Mrs. Cravener's pen and wrote the note to frame Mrs. Cravener. She put Mrs. Cravener's pen back in her drawer so she would have no idea it was ever gone.........