Crime Scene Investigation Report

Investigator Name: Bobbi-Leigh Hildebeitel

Initial Observations: Name tag with Rupert, note that reads "you were warned", "water" bottle near mouth, flower necklace.yellow school hall pass with ripped corner where name is.

where did the pass come from and why is there a finger print on the back?
what was he drinking?
where was Rupert going?
who was Rupert going to for lunch?

Flow Chart:

Test Descriptions:
The test we did was to test if the substance in the water bottle was an acid or a base. We used red and blue Litmus paper to do test it. We hypothesized it will be a base. We poured the sample into the beaker and tested it.

Test Results:
Nothing happened to any of the 2 Litmus paper. We drew a conclusion that it is neutral. The substance must have been water

File Photos:



Mrs.Cravener did it. we have evidence that she did it. Eric's group said that it was her buy the finger print on the pass which matched completely. then her pen ink was identical to the ink on the "you were warned" paper. In conclusion we suspect that Mrs.Cravener did the murder.