Crime Scene Investigation Report

Investigator Name: August Sodano

Initial Observations:

Questons: who killed the peguin how why and with what

Flow Chart:
flow chart for CSI MMS August Sodano.PNG

Test Descriptions: testing inks : placing samples of black pens owned by suspects in alchol along with the sample of note
luqid tests: litmis testing the ph of the luqid dip in a strip of red and blue litmus paper density: used for measureing density first mesure wheight of what the container then mesure out 100 ml of luqid add substance and subtract the wight of container from the the weight of both the luqid and cotianer and divide the difrence by 100 and that is the density

Test Results: chromo graph: the best match for sample is Mrs. Cravener second pen and the threat litmus paper: the luqid is nutral Density test: 1 gram to 1 ML
i believe that Mrs. Cravaner has comited this crime that her pen matches that ink used for the note second team meetings would give her opertinity final i belive that the peguin was used
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