Crime Scene Investigation Reportcs

Investigator Name:

Agent Gehring

Initial Observations:
  • full, closed bottle of liquid
  • "You were warned" note
  • ripped lunch pass for 5/7/13
  • name of penguin: Rupert

  • What is the substance in the bottle composed of?
    • We can determine the substances in the bottle using different tests
  • Who wrote each note?
    • We can determine whose handwriting it is by having each suspect write
    • Not Mrs. Laguna or Mr.Hood, since they write in cursive

Flow Chart:

Flow Chart.JPG

Test :

We will conduct an acid and base test using litmus paper. We will also use a chromotograhy test to determine which marker the note was written in. We will also conduct a heating curve and density test.

Test Results:

We tested wi

th litmus paper, and have come to the conclusion that the substance is neutral. We came to this conclusion after the red litmus paper stayed red and the blue litmus paper stayed blue. Our chromotography test showed that Mrs. Cravener's marker was the one used to write the note. We have concluded she is the murder. The heating curve test showed that the substance was a mixture. In our density test, the density of the liquid in the water bottle was extremely close to the density of an ethanol and water mixture. We believe this mixture is Rupert's cause of death.

File Photos:
004.JPG 007.JPG

Conclusion: We will stick to our evidence and conclude that Mrs. Cravener killed Rupert with a water and ethanol mixture. We are still unsure of the motive of the murder, but Mrs. Cravener is the murderer. We believe Rupert was killed with an ethanol and water mixture because the density test showed the density of the mixture was extremely close to the density of ethanol and water. An ethanol and water mixture is also neutral, just like our litmus paper showed.