Crime Scene Investigation Report

Investigator Name:

Alicia Garges

Initial Observations:

The penguin is laying on its side, The penguin is dead. It has a water bottle filled with a clear liquid in it, there is a note that is written in black ink but the letters are wrote sloppy and odd. He had a necklace made of flowers, the liquid didn't smell like water.


What is the liquid in the bottle? Why are some of the same letters wrote differently? What pen was used to write the note? Is the liquid acidic or basic or neutral? What is the boiling point of the liquid? Who killed Rupert? How did Rupert die?

Flow Chart:

Alicia flow chart.PNG

Test Descriptions:

The First test we decided to do was the litmus paper test to see if it is acidic or basic so we took a sample of the liquid and stuck litmus paper in the liquid,
We want to do a test to see what the density is by using a triple beam balance to find the density, the beaker without an liquid in it is 110.5 grams and the beaker with 30 ml of clear liquid is 135 grams, The density of the liquid was.85 grams per milliliter.
The Chromatography test which is seeing which ink was used to write the note and to see what pen was used to write the note

Test Results:

The test results of the litmus paper came out neutral so it is not acidic or basic
The density of the liquid is .85 grams per milliliter The liquid that has that density is Turpentine which is dangerous paint thinner that can be harmful to inhale

Although we didn't get to do the Chromatography
test, Hayden's group did. These are their results (Photo credit to Hayden Smith)
alicia calligraphy.PNGIt looks like Mrs. Cravener's pen matches the ink that was used to make the warning note.

We think that Mrs. Cravener had killed Rupert because it was her pen that was used to write the note for it and it was her finger prints according to Ryan's group.

File Photos: